Ok, so you might have seen my earlier piece, The Gallows (part I) — I suggest you read that one before this if you haven’t already done so. It will spoil the plot if you read this one first.

Both pieces were written as a creative writing exercise to explore points of view; how the characters might evolve differently, how the voice is modified, how one point of view might be better for building tension etc. I think I spoiled the effect, because Part II is totally different to Part I.

I enjoyed exploring the story idea, which came to me whilst browsing online. One of the writing props we’d been given was a rope, and I was wondering how to use it in a non-obvious way. Whilst searching images in Google for “rope” I came across a noose, and then it came to me — the gallows.

Anyway, Part II is written in first person point of view.  I hope you enjoy …

Can’t hold it in much longer. I’m bursting. Why did they pick me anyway? I’m rubbish. They know it. Picking on me. Again. Hate you Vicki Rogers. You and your Barbie mates. 

Real bad now. Gonna squeeze my legs together. Why do we need a pee when we’re nervous? Wonder if grownups are the same? Not s’posed to say it, but they say ‘scared shitless’ sometimes. Maybe grownups have it worse. Hate to be old. Old with a nappy. Urgh!

God, don’t let me wet my knickers. Hate you Vicki. And I’ve got paint on my dress. Mum’s gonna be livid. Should’ve worn the apron. Red paint. I’ll wash it when I’m in the toilets.

‘I need a wee’

Marcus isn’t letting me off. He wants to finish this now. Did he just tell me to go? Maybe my last go. God, Vicki’s gonna kill me if I get this wrong. Just know she will. The cow.

Emmy, where are you? I need you. There. Thank God. Later?

‘I’ll go for a ‘P”

There. Said it. Who cares if it’s wrong. He’s done the leg. THE LEG! He’s won. Oh God. Vicki’s angry. And now I’m wet.

I hate school. 

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