This has been spinning around for most of the evening. And sometimes you just gotta get it out there.

I truly hope you enjoy.  And if not, well I can’t please everyone 😉

The Fraud

Who am I?
A fake, a scam, a con.
I am the fraud who sips with bitter tongue,
Feasts on weak minds,
And reigns supreme.
I am the one, the only,
The chief of all he sees,
Catching your thoughts
I pare them to the bone.
You want? I may just give.
For I am the fraud. The fake.
The scam.
The con.
Only I am not.
And every accusation cuts so deep
I slice inside
No longer pretty for pity.
My wrist cut, I bleed honesty
Around your skirting flesh,
A flash of sweetness.
I may drink from a poisoned chalice
And lick my lips dry.
It beckons.
It defines me.

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