So, I’ve just arrived back from Tenerife. It’s been a lovely resting time, what with all my recent stressful ups and downs in life, just getting away from it all. I’ve been up a volcano, looked over a field of clouds, watched shooting stars in a beautiful night sky, seen the Milky Way (no light pollution, yay!), had a trip on a catamaran, remembered how much I love sailing, and seen dolphins and whales up close.

And devoted some decent time and effort on writing the novel! My target for the week was to get up to 25,000 words. Here’s the progress as at this evening …

Total – 27,437 words

  • Prologue – first draft done, 1031 words
  • Chapter 1 – first draft done, 2108 words
  • Chapter 2 – first draft done, 3023 words
  • Chapter 3 – first draft done, 4026 words
  • Chapter 4 – first draft done, 4071 words
  • Chapter 5 – first draft done, 3041 words
  • Chapter 6 – first draft done, 2837 words
  • Chapter 7 – first draft done, 3004 words
  • Chapter 8 – first draft done, 4296 words
  • Chapter 9 – in progress, 0 words (ok, I should call that not in progress :-))

Quite pleased with the progress. My worst fear was that I’d get to this stage and the story would have been told, finished, nowhere further to go. Thankfully, that’s not the case, and in fact I’m about a third of the way through telling the story, which fits in with the word count quite nicely.

I’m glad to be home. Happy to go back to work tomorrow? I’m not sure to be honest (do I really want to be a coder any more?!) …

… Looking forward to seeing all my work colleges? Definitely! I’ve missed you guys!

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