So, if you’ve been following my recent capers, you’ll understand if there hasn’t been much progress on the novel. I’ve kind of been, erm, a little pre-occupied with, erm, staying alive ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, dramas over, let’s get back to living the creative life, eh?

Current novel progress, total word count: 8188

  • Prologue: 1st Draft Done โ€“ 1029 words
  • Chapter 1: 1st Draft Done โ€“ 1165 words
  • Chapter 2: 1st Draft Done โ€“ 2972 words
  • Chapter 3: In progress โ€“ 3022 words

Obviously I haven’t been writing much these last few days, but despite that, I’m still happy with the progress. Also, I haven’t been posting too much poetry either, not because I haven’t written any, but because I’m trying to save some for competitions (allegedly it’s a way of bolstering the author profile).

So today, you’re in for a little treat ๐Ÿ™‚

Just to fill you in, the novel is a tragic love story between ‘soulmates’, almost a Romeo and Juliet plot, with both sides of the passionate relationship being from totally different backgrounds; almost taboo for them to be together, despite them ‘clicking’ better than any other relationship they’ve ever had before. I won’t give too much away, as I don’t want to spoil the plot. Suffice to say, get your hankies ready when you read it.

Anyway, here’s a poem, inspired by the novel’s events, which kind of encapsulates some of the emotions around the two characters.


Warm touch, hold.
And I whisper,
“Until Death divides us.”
I assumed incorrectly,
It was my pain to suffer.
Now you let me in,
Words and actions told
The plot turns,
The arc spins,
And it’s you who’s
More than me.
More than any before.
My days now black,
You, my Sun.
Will I wither
Let my love empower you
So we can soar
To heights unseen,
As one.

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