WHAT?! Two updates in a single day? What’s going on? Have you been taking coke, or speed, or something, H?

No. Just felt really productive. Or rather creative. 

Or maybe I had a little more spare time than I had expected :-/

Anyway, novel progress is now as follows:

Total word count: 6569

  • Prologue: 1st Draft Done – 1029 words
  • Chapter 1: 1st Draft Done – 1165 words
  • Chapter 2: 1st Draft Done – 2972 words
  • Chapter 3: In progress – 1403 words

How comes the number of words in Chapter 2 has changed? Well, I do a little tinkering editing as I go. I read the chapters out loud, and sometimes it doesn’t scan as well as it sounded in my head. I usually do this after a break, and probably do it several times as I progress through the writing. 

I still count it as first draft though. Real editing will happen once the whole book is finished. Ages away yet …

… but perhaps not as long away as I had been thinking. Not at this rate, anyway!

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