Alright, stop nagging already!

I know I haven’t updated for aaaaaagggggesss, but I’ve been a little busy. Busy getting better; busy turning my life around; busy making changes (but not too many); busy with life.

And stuck.

Stuck on my writing. I’ve kind of had a bit of a writing brick wall that’s prevented me from making any progress. I’ve been on something like 34k-35k words for ages, and no matter what I did it seems like I’d never get any further forward. Stuck.

When I was on holiday, it seemed like the words just zoomed out of my head, down my arms, into my fingers, and spilled all over the keyboard straight onto the screen. But since being back at work the creativity has been long and slow in coming. Oh, wait, I see a pattern here …

… I should go on holiday again. 🙂

Either that, or get a better muse for inspiration. Bloody muses, you can never trust them to turn up when you need them, eh? ;-p

So, where are we at? Why the update today?


Total – 37,369 words:

  • Prologue – second draft done, 1028 words
  • Chapter 1 – second draft done, 2910 words
  • Chapter 2 – first edit done, 3045 words
  • Chapter 3 – first edit done, 4177 words
  • Chapter 4 – first edit done, 4145 words
  • Chapter 5 – first edit done, 3065 words
  • Chapter 6 – first edit done, 2898 words
  • Chapter 7 – first edit done, 3158 words
  • Chapter 8 – first edit done, 4771 words
  • Chapter 9 – first edit done, 3409 words
  • Chapter 10 – first draft done, 3923 words
  • Chapter 11 – first draft in progress, 840 words

So what’s different? Why the breakthrough?

Not sure really. Maybe it’s because I’ve started to fuss about “me” a little less; maybe it’s because I’m meditating more; maybe it’s because I’m actually looking after myself physically (yeah, the gym is working); maybe it’s because I feel more “H” than I’ve done for ages.

Either way, I’m not going to jinx it. I’m just going to keep writing.

And perhaps introduce a little more fun and joy back into life …

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