Yeah, it’s almost time to play.

The band have been together now for, ooh what is it, something like seven or eight months, and we’re finally getting there.  Two days time and we have our first gig, albeit one in front of a friendly audience.

I’ll tell you the full history one day, but for now just be content to know that I’m finally talking about it in public 🙂

Seriously though, Gabriel, Sarah and I, have all been in bands before.  Si is the only one who hasn’t ever performed in public.  Hey, it was only seven or eight months ago that he took up the drums!  But for a guy who has learned how to play via numerous sessions of RockBand, he’s absolutely awesome.  No, really!

I’ve been writing my own material since I was about 16, though it’s this band that is providing a sound that I’ve been looking for since my second band … and yeah, that was from when I was about 16 🙂

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the gig.  I’ve even modded my guitar for the evening …

… but that’s for another time, which I’ll save for after the gig, ’cause I don’t want to give anything away too soon.

I’ll let you know how it went …

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